SPRINT RUN! Sebenza 31 CPM S35VN Insingo and Tanto

December 7, 2021

A sprint run of right-handed Sebenza 31 Insingo and Tanto with CPM S35VN blade steel will be available for a short time exclusively from our Authorized Dealers beginning in January 2022. 

Sebenza 31 Insingo and Tanto Sprint Run!
Product Details

Insingo means “razor” in Zulu, though many would recognize the profile as a modified sheep’s foot. The curved cutting edge is ideal for slicing, while the thick blade tip is very strong, providing plenty of leverage and piercing ability. 

The Tanto is designed to concentrate more steel near the blade’s point. The blade point has a style similar to a chisel, squared off where the knife begins to taper. The spine maintains full thickness very close to the point, resulting in an extremely strong point.

  • Limited quantities available exclusively from our Authorized Dealers
  • Large $480, Small $405
  • Stonewashed CPM S35VN blade steel
  • Glass blasted 6Al4V Titanium handles
  • Silver hardware with standard coil lanyard

Is the Sebenza 31 Insingo or Tanto available for direct order?

No, these blade variations are not yet part of our regular production and are not available to order directly from the factory. 

When will the Insingo and Tanto become standard production?

We don't have a set date yet!  When we released the Sebenza 31, our orders skyrocketed and we pushed out the Insingo and Tanto release date. Shortly after, when the pandemic hit, our orders tripled and we decided to push the date once more.  You can read more about COVID-19 and our backlog here.  We are scaling to meet the demand steadily but we cannot in good conscience do anything to compromise the promise that we have made to our customers to fulfill current orders. 

Why are these in the "old" blade steel, CPM S35VN? Why not make them in CPM S45VN or Magnacut?

We had planned to introduce the Insingo and Tanto over a year ago, when CPM S35VN was our regular production blade steel. When demand for our current production line started climbing, we decided to hold off on releasing the blade variations. That left us with a sprint run of CPM S35VN Sebenza 31 Insingo and Tantos.