Step one

Fill out a service form



Use any box to mail

Step two

Pack, insure, ship


1. Remove and retain any third-party components such as non-CRK pocket clips or similar. CRK is not responsible for loss or damage to third-party components. 

2.  Wrap your knife securely in a cloth and pack into an appropriately sized box.   Please note that you must include your entire knife to receive service, not just single parts such as a blade or handle. Include a printed copy of your service form. 


Most carriers only cover losses up to $100, even when shipping priority or flat rate.  We highly recommend purchasing additional insurance from your carrier to cover the full market value of your knife, i.e. $500. Here's some help on how to add insurance.


Get a tracking number and make sure your knife arrives safely to our workshop! Note: We are closed on Fridays and packages due to arrive on that day will not be received until the following Monday. 


Wait 24 business hours for a response


Step three

Wait.  Here's what will happen when your knife is at our shop.

Service Flow

When your knife arrives, we'll send you a receipt confirmation to inform you that it has arrived safely. Please allow us 24 business hours to complete the check-in process. For example, if your tracking says your knife should arrive on a Friday when we are closed, it will be delivered the following Monday, and you will receive a receipt email on Tuesday. 

Unless we need clarification, you won't hear from us again until your knife has completed servicing.

Here's a general outline of our service flow: Arrival notification   →   Inspection   →   Knife placed in a queue based on the type of service, part availability, and arrival date   →   Service   →   Payment & departure notification. 

 Our service lead time varies from 6-9 weeks after check-in, depending on the service.


The Fine Print

If your knife has been modified outside of our shop, we reserve the right to refuse service. Should we agree to service a modified knife but deem it unsafe for use due to modifications, you must agree to forfeit the damaged or modified part(s) and agree to subsequent fees to bring your knife into our specifications in order to receive service.  Modified knives which have been deemed unsafe to work on or cannot be brought back into our specifications will be returned to the owner disassembled.  We have examples of unaccepted modifications written within our Warranty. Unless servicing is required to fix faulty workmanship or materials, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.  Flat rate US Domestic shipping is $20 for one knife. If you live outside the US, here are Estimates for International Return Shipping