Our knives are back-ordered. Current lead times as of 6/2022 (updated once per quarter):

Plain Titanium Models: Drop Point 18-24 months; Insingo/Tanto TBA
Computer Generated Graphics: Drop Point 12-18 months; Insingo/Tanto TBA
Micarta Inlays: Drop Point 22-26 months; Insingo/Tanto TBA
Glass Blasted Wood Sebenzas: Drop Point 20-24 months; Insingo/Tanto TBA
Polished Wood Sebenzas: 20-24 months
Unique Graphic Sebenzas: 18-20 months
Mnandis: 24-28 months
Military Fixed Blades: 24-26 months
Backpacker/Inyoni: TBA
Damascus: Unavailable to order at this time

Blade replacements: 6-9 months for most Drop Point models; Insingo/Tanto TBA

This is an estimate. It may be sooner or it may be a little later.  If you don't want to wait, you may be able to purchase through an Authorized Dealer



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