New in June 2022: More blade shapes, more fixed blades!

Two new fixed blades plus the Sebenza 31 Tanto and Insingo became available to order at the Atlanta Blade Show June, 3, 2022. Read on for lead times and FAQs.

the Backpacker and Inyoni

We’ve wanted to expand our recreational fixed blade line for several years and now is the time! Acknowledging two of Chris’s original designs from nearly 40 years ago, we are proud to introduce the Backpacker and the Inyoni (the Zulu word for ‘bird’), updated for 2022. The first production models are made with CPM S45VN® blade steel at a 60-62 RC and will transition to CPM Magnacut® 63-64 RC later this year. Each are available with removable Black or Natural Canvas Micarta handles and a Black Kydex sheath. 


Backpacker and Inyoni

Long awaited and also new in June 2022… The Sebenza 31 Insingo & Tanto!


Available for order on 6/3/22 in Large or Small with CPM Magnacut® blades in the following variations:

  • Plain

  • Black or Natural Canvas Micarta Inlays

  • Glass blasted Wood Inlays

  • CGG Forever Flag

NOT available in the following variations:

  • Unique Graphics

  • Polished Wood Inlays



When can I order? You may place a Direct Order through our website beginning Friday, June 3, 2022 at 10 AM EST. 

What are your lead times?  We intend to ship the first of our new products in mid-July, but will extend out lead times as demand builds. Stay informed by checking our Lead Times page on our website.

Can I modify an existing order to include the new products? We cannot modify existing orders but we’d be happy to get a new order going for you!

Is it possible to get a replacement blade for my Sebenza 31? Yes! We will fit an insingo or tanto blade to an existing knife.  You may place an order for a replacement blade by emailing our customer service department with your request. Please do not send us your knife until you have received a notification that a blade is ready for you.