Comments on our order Backlog, new product releases, and more.

September 27th 2021

Why are supply levels so low with our dealers and when will things get back to normal? When will we release new products?  These are great questions that we receive often.  All of these questions have complex answers but we will do our best to give you the most well rounded response. 

Why are supply levels so low with our dealers?

Because of the pandemic, the economic ramifications of the stimulus, and changed lifestyles, many people have refocused the areas where they spend disposable income.  Across the outdoor recreation industry (knives, shooting, camping, cycling, etc.) demand has skyrocketed. 

In our case, new orders each month (for the last year and a half) have been at least double (and on a couple of occasions, triple) the value of orders shipped.  As a result, our backlog has extended from 9-12 months to 18-24 months (or more)!  At a nearly 2 year wait, more people are jumping at the chance to pick up a knife at a retailer, often scooping them up before knives can even hit the shelves, which one reason that it may seem that retailers are not getting replenished. 

Are we scaling to meet the demand?  When will things get back to normal?
Yes, we are scaling!  We have produced more knives in the past year than we ever have before and are scaling methodically to further increase production.  Our growth must be controlled and careful - we will not compromise when it comes to making a quality product.  While we do believe this boom will level, there is no way to predict when, so it is impossible to say when things will get back to “normal.”  Until then, we’ll focus on growing steadily, making the best knives, and continue to be grateful for the tremendous loyalty of our customers.

When will you release new products, like the Sebenza Tanto, Insingo, Magnacut, or other new knives? 
With the demand for our current product offerings, we cannot in good conscience do anything to compromise the promise that we have made to our customers to fulfill their orders.  This means that release dates have been pushed back.  We will, in good time, bring out new projects (and we are so excited to show you)! Who knows, we may even surprise you in the meantime!