How to Clean & Reassemble Your Knife

Our knives are made to last for years, but like any tool, knives require occasional maintenance. Using the tools provided, we recommend tightening the screws from time to time and cleaning the inside after extensive use.  If you need replacement parts or tools, you can purchase most parts from our web store.

While we do provide tools for you to maintain your knife, we do not recommend modifying or re-assembling it outside of its original configuration. 

  1. If the action becomes sticky
    Most of the time, this issue can be solved taking the knife apart, giving it a good clean, and re-applying a small amount of fluorinated grease. If the action isn't as smooth as you'd like it to be right out of the box, give it some time to break in. Learn How to Break in New Knives.

  2. After extended use
    We recommend cleaning your knife after long periods of use or contact with substances, like oils and acidic substances.



Select your knife on the playlist using the menu on the video player, or visit the Chris Reeve Knives Youtube Channel for more videos.

  • Clean the pivot area and re-lubricate
    Use a q-tip and/or a microfiber cloth to remove pocket lint and build up. Finish by re-applying a small amount of fluorinated grease.

  • Don't bend your washers
    Washers are hand-fit to each knife and depending on the model, it matters which side they go on. Knives like the Sebenza 21 and Mnandi have two different sized washers to accommodate the lock-bar. If you bend your washers, you'll have to send your knife in for servicing: we don't send washers out.

  • Purchase small parts through our web-store
    You can purchase parts like pins & screws, back spacers, and lanyards through the Knife Parts & Care section of our website.