How to Break-in and Deploy a Folding Knife

Our knives may need a grace period to break in, but the break-in time for each individual knife can vary. Rather than repeatedly flicking your knife open and closed, which can cause damage to lock arm (and void your warranty), follow the steps below to break in your knife.



  1. Distribute lube to the perforated washers
    We recommend holding the handle in one hand and the blade in the other, then moving it back and forth from the closed position into a partially deployed position. This will help distribute lube throughout the perforated washers, resulting in a smoother deployment.

  2. Master the motion
    Think of using a backward "C" motion using the fatty part of your thumb placed underneath the thumb lug near the handle. Our knives are designed to have more of a sliding or pushing motion, rather than a flipping or flicking motion.
  3. Clean and lube
    If you feel confident that you can properly disassemble and reassemble your knife, you may clean, add a small amount of lube to your washers, reassemble, and repeat step one to distribute the lube. Chris Reeve Knives is not responsible for any damage caused by adjustments made outside of the factory.

    If stiffness has occurred after you've disassembled your knife and still persists after trying these tips, you may have pinched a washer. To check, lay your washers on a flat surface and look for abnormalities or areas where the washer is not laying flat.  If the washer is pinched, you must send your knife into the shop in order to have a replacement fit.


If you are still concerned with the difficulties you are experiencing with deployment after trying these tips, you are more than welcome to send your knife into our shop for inspection.