What's the difference between Glass Blast vs Sandblast?

Chris Reeve Knives recently introduced a premium Glass Blasted finish option for knife handles but what are the major differences between glass blasting and sandblasting?

Our glass blasted finish uses crushed glass to present a finer, tighter grain. The result is a super scratch-resistant, smooth finish that still maintains its overall grippy-ness. This option is now available as an upgrade for all knives with plain titanium or micarta handles. 

Our signature sandblasted finish uses sand to create an extra grippy finish that wears in with character (like your favorite pair of denim or the patina on leather). This is the standard, free option available for all knives with plain titanium or micarta handles. 



Will you glass blast a knife I already own?

Yes, depending on the model! 

  • All Plain Titanium and Micarta models can be glass blasted.  
  • Wood Inlays:  Unfortunately, we cannot re-blast existing knives with wood inlays. The process requires us to pop out the inlays before blasting and often times inlays will break, so for this reason, we don’t offer the service. 
  • Computer Generated Graphics: Many CGGs can be glass-blasted. If you're not sure about the graphic you own, please contact us
  • Unique Graphics: Glass blasting is not currently available for Uniques. 

If glass blasting is available for your knife, just fill out a Service Form to receive the service.  Current prices and lead times for the service are listed there too. 

Can I order a new knife with glass blasted handles?

  • Yes, Plain titanium and Micarta models can be ordered with a glass blasted finish for an additional fee. 
  • Computer Generated Graphics and Wood inlaid models come standard with a glass blasted finish and the cost is already integrated into the price of each knife.
  • Unique Graphics are unavailable to order with a glass blasted finish.

You can place an order using our Order Form

How does glass blast wear in vs sandblast? Will I get snail trails? 

Glass blasted handles will fade and wear more evenly over time than sandblasted handles. It is possible for the finish to scratch but it tends to be more subtle than sandblasted finishes.

Sandblasted handles tend to "pocket polish" around the edges and clip and will mark or get snail trails more noticeably. 

Most glass blasted and sandblasted handles can be refinished.