How to Care for Micarta

Our Micarta inlays are made of compressed canvas and resin and profiled to fit precisely inside handle pockets, for a clean finish and tight fit.  Each inlay is permanently bonded to the handle by 3M VHB tape, which is the same tape used to hold together cell phones and steel frame buildings, allowing the inlays to naturally flex as the materials expand and contract.


Canvas Micarta may darken over time, but it will not change the functionality of the knife.


  • Clean with soap and water
    If the canvas micarta comes into contact with blood or begins to build a film, simply clean with soap and water to restore it to its former glory.


If you are concerned about your handles darkening, you may send your knife in for a Spa Treatment and we will re-sandblast your handles at no charge, as long as your knife has not been modified outside of our shop.