How to Care for Knives with Wood Inlays

Our inlays are made from stabilized wood and profiled to fit precisely inside handle pockets, for a clean finish and tight fit.  Each inlay is permanently bonded to the handle by 3M VHB tape, which is the same tape used to hold together cell phones and steel frame buildings, allowing the inlays to naturally flex as wood expands and contracts.  Knowing this process will help you learn how to properly care for wood inlays. 


  1. Apply polish to wood inlays
    Stabilized wood requires relatively low maintenance.  If needed, apply a small amount of Renaissance Wax to the inlay to protect against moisture, environmental factors, and to give it a shine.

  2. Carry lighter woods in a sheath when wearing denim
    Dark or fresh denim is known to bleed and since blonde woods may pick up pigment, it's possible that your jeans may stain your knife. To avoid this, carry your knife in a sheath, or wait until you've washed your denim a few times to carry using the clip.

  3. If your knife goes through the wash.. 

Dry it if you can, but it's likely that you'll have to purchase replacement inlays. Send some pictures over to and we'll take care of you.