How to Care for a Unique, CGG, or Annual Graphic

  1. Remove oils and dirt from handles

    Use a soft cloth to remove oils and dirt from the handle front.  Move in the direction of the grain to avoid scratching the surface.

  2. If your knife has a Damascus blade, keep it clean! 

    High carbon steels react quickly to moisture and acidic foods, so it's important to keep your Damascus clean and free from moisture. Gently wipe the blade using hot soapy water and allow it to fully dry. Use a q-tip to apply a very small amount of Renaissance Wax or a Micro Crystalline wax polish as an added protective barrier.

  3. Deep clean the color on polished faces

    Dip a q-tip in a small amount of lacquer thinner to remove oils and dirt from the anodized graphic.  Take care to move with the grain of the handle to avoid scratching the polished surface.  Avoid applying lacquer thinner to the edges of the handle to keep the sandblasted color consistent with the rest of the knife.

  4. Carry in a sheath
    To avoid scratches, carry the knife in the sheath provided. If you need a replacement, you may purchase one from our web store.  

  5. Store in a clean, dry place
Store it on your dresser, in a box - wherever's clever.  If your knife is in a high humidity environment, there will need to be extra precautions when storing. Even moisture control safes can allow a blade to corrode, if silicone packets or similar are not in the safe as well. Circulating air can be the best option for humid environments.