Press Release: The Sebenza 31

June 7, 2019

We're pleased to debut the next iteration of our flagship model: The Sebenza 31. Based on the tried and true design of its predecessor, the Sebenza 31 brings a few fine details to a model you know and love.


  • Ceramic Ball Interface A 97 RC Ceramic Ball runs interface between the lock-bar end and tang of the blade, while still maintaining the "bank-vault" feel.  With each pass, the ball prevents wear, cushions shock, and ensures accurate lock-up for the lifetime of the knife. This locking system has been proven on the Umnumzaan, Sebenza 25, and Inkosi models for over 10 years as our best, long-lasting locking technology to date. 
  • Off-set Clip Design A tilted clip rests more on the back handle, relieving pressure from the Integral Lock Bar.
  • Improved Ergonomics 
  • Removal of Fixturing Hole on Front Handle 
  • Re-designed Inlays Paying homage to the well-loved Annual Sebenzas, the 31 will move to a one-piece inlay, front and back. 
  • Chad Nichols Damascus Boomerang, Ladder, and Raindrop Damascus blades will now come from high-quality maker, Chad Nichols. Limited stock available. 
  • Tighter Tolerances/Improved Machining Processes 

Configurations Available For Order (2019)

  • Large or Small Sizes Configured Right-handed or Left-handed
  • Drop Point Blades in S35VN.  Chad Nichols Raindrop, Ladder, or Boomerang upon stock availability. Other blade options to be announced at a later date. 
  • Plain Titanium Handles With a sandblasted finish and Drop Point Blade
  • Inlays Bog Oak, Box Elder Burl, Macassar Ebony, Black Micarta, and Natural Micarta with a Satin or Damascus Blade
  • 2019 CGGs Chain Mail, Rhino, and Lunar Landing with Chrysocolla cabochon
  • Unique Graphics Available with or without a cabochon


 Fulfillment will begin during Q4 of 2019.