From 21 to 31: FAQs about Orders, 21 Servicing, Custom Options, and More

Can I still order a Sebenza 21?  As of June 6th, 2019, 11:59 PM, the Sebenza 21 has been discontinued and new orders will no longer be accepted. All Sebenza 21 orders before this date will be fulfilled. 

Can I change my existing Sebenza 21 Orders over to the Sebenza 31 model and keep my place in the queue?  Any existing orders for Sebenza 21s in a Drop Point configuration can be changed over to their equivalent in a Sebenza 31 SKU. The changeover order date will be set to June 4th, 2019 and fulfillment will begin during Q4 of 2019.  We'd recommend keeping your Insingo and Tanto Sebenza 21 orders open as there's not a direct replacement available for those blade profiles at the moment. 

My Sebenza 21 order has Basketweave, will I still get that configuration?  We are no longer able to source Basketweave. If you would still like your order, you may choose from Ladder or Raindrop Damascus. You may also switch your order to a Sebenza 31 to have the option of Boomerang Damascus. 

When will the Insingo and Tanto blade profiles be available for order?  This will depend on how many orders are received for the Drop Point variations. We may introduce blade varieties as soon as this year, but it will all depend on our current production needs.

Are CAD Customs or exclusives available for order?  Not yet. We're going to have a lot of production offerings to work through first, but will open up customized options of the Sebenza 31 early in 2020. 

Is the hardware different?  There have been changes to the blades and handles, but most hardware is shared between the Sebenza 21 and the Sebenza 31.

Can my Sebenza 21 still receive servicing?  Yes. Warranty issues will always be taken care of either by repair or replacement so long as the knife has not been modified, misused, or abused.  Since most hardware is shared between the Sebenza 21 and the Sebenza 31, small part replacement will continue to be fulfilled upon availability. Please contact us for info on Blade Replacements or other services. 

Are the prices the same?  Yep! Pricing is the same as the Sebenza 21 offerings.