How to get replacement washers

Sebenza & Mnandi

Sebenza and Mnandi washers are "fit" parts, meaning that the tolerances around the pivot area are tight and require our technicians to fit the pivot assembly to each particular knife. This means that if you bend, pinch, or lose a washer, you must send your knife in to us in order to have a new pair fit to your knife. There are no exceptions to this rule, even if you live internationally. 

Once your knife arrives at our shop, you can have up to two total washer sets fit to your knife (one installed and spare), for just a few dollars. The turn-around time will vary depending on how many services are requested and how many knives are in our shop at one time. 

To get started, please fill out a Service Form.  


Umnumzaan, Inkosi, and Impinda

We will send out up to two sets of Umnumzaan, Inkosi, and Impinda washers upon request. Please email to make a request. 

Discontinued Models

Unfortunately, we do not have stock of washers for most discontinued models. If you have a question about your particular knife, please reach out to us.