One Piece Sheaths

$ 150

Need a replacement sheath for you one piece knife? We've got you covered. 

Leather is soaked in water based polyurethane to create a protective seal, allowing water resistance and durability, embossed with our logo, and tightly stitched.

Reminder: Our one piece knives are discontinued and will not be produced again. 

Nkonka 7.5”

Nkonka 7 13/16” Sabre Blade

Nkonka 7 13/16” Spear Point


Ubejane Skinner 4.5” Broadblade clip point

4” Pancake

Aviator 4” Clip Point sawback

Shadow III 4” Spearpoint

Kathathu 4” Double Edge

4” Wrap

Mountaineer I 4” Single guard clip point

Sable III 4” Sabre

Tanto III 4” Chisel Point


5.5” Wrap

Mountaineer II 5.5” Single guard clip point

Sable IV 5.5” Sabre

Tanto IV 5.5” Chisel Point

5.5” Snap

Shadow IV 5.5” Spearpoint

Kathathu 5.5” Double Edge

MK VI 5.5” Clip Point

7” Wrap

Sable II 7” Sabre

Tanto II 7” Chisel point

7” Snap

MK IV 7” Clip Point sawback

MK V 7” Clip Point

Shadow II 7” Spearpoint

Kathathu 7.5” Double Edge

CRK 28 Year Special Edition Mark IV 7” Sawback

9” Wrap

Sable I 9” Sabre

Tanto I 9” Chisel point

9” Snap

Jeroboam MK I 9” Clip Point sawback

Jeroboam MK II 9” Clip Point

Shadow I 9” Spearpoint

Kathathu 9” Double Edge