Our prices have changed as of September 13th.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

In 1978, when Chris thought up his first knife while in military service on the Nambia/Angola border, he designed it out of necessity, hoping to create the best knife possible on a young man's budget. 

Six years later, Chris Reeve Knives was born upon a desire to make high-quality knives that hold value - from luxury collector's pieces to simple, effective tools - all at an attainable price point, using quality materials. 

Thanks to you, we are here 38 years later. We have opportunities of which we have never dreamed. We also have an economic reality to face: Our costs have risen sharply, and we have kept our pricing structure the same for as long as possible.

Now, to continue to make beautiful, reliable tools, we have to make attainable changes.

As of September 13, 2022, we've applied updated pricing to all new and existing orders. Please visit our website or view the attached price list for specifics. 

From all of us at Chris Reeve Knives, we are so grateful for your continued loyalty and support.

Thank you.