Chris Reeve Knives

Sebenza 21 Spalted Beech

$ 550

Made from stabilized wood and profiled to fit precisely inside handle pockets, the Sebenza 21 with Spalted Beech blends utilitarian needs with clean lines and hand polished finishes. Spalted Beech occurs from a loss of pigmentation, resulting in variations of warm browns and creams, and marbled black or brown lines. Wood Inlays are made from natural materials, so you can expect a variation in color and wood grain.  All models are available with a dedicated left or right-handed orientation in a Large or Small size. Damascus options available for an additional $200. 


Overall Length:  8.335" (212mm) / 6.875" (175mm)
Weight:  4.7oz (133g) / 3.0oz (85g)
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