Unique Graphics are abstract.  They're "drawn" freehand on a milling machine, so every knife is a one-off piece of art that cannot be exactly replicated. With that said, we can re-create pieces similar to past designs, with a choice of cabochons and anodized titanium.  Artwork decisions are ultimately governed by our in-house artist. All models are available with a dedicated left or right-handed orientation.  




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If you'd like us to re-create a knife similar to one pictured below, just save a copy of the image. You'll have a chance to specify the graphic when you request a quote. Note: Damascus blade options are not currently offered for any model.


Three examples of a Sebenza 31 Night Sky Unique Graphic
The Night Sky  This particular Unique Graphic, dubbed the "Night Sky," is a great example of a how a graphic can be recreated. Note that the number of trees and stars vary, alongside the different kinds of cabochons, but the graphic follows a similar theme. 



SHOT SHOW 2022 (Pictured on Sebenza 31)


BLADE SHOW 2019 (Pictured on Sebenza 31)
Ziggy stardust inspired pink and yellow knife



IWA 2019 (Pictured on Sebenza 21)


SHOT Show 2019 (Pictured on Sebenza 21)


Blade Show 2018 (Pictured on Sebenza 21)


Shot Show 2018 (Pictured on Sebenza 21)