Chris Reeve Knives is a production knife manufacturer.  As a production company, we design and produce our own knives, as opposed to a custom knife maker who may work with a client to design and bring his or her knife idea to life. While we are not a custom knife company, we do have customizable options available. We offer graphics and some hardware, finish and blade options for the Sebenza 21 and Inkosi.

CAD Customs VS Uniques: What's the difference? 


Custom Graphics

and engraving

CAD Customs are made using a precision laser machine. If you have an image or a drawing you'd like to put on a knife, CAD is the way to go. Artwork can range from a simple letter engraving to complex artwork with a range of anodizing, cabochons, and finishes. You will work closely with customer service and in-house artist to bring your idea into a physical form.

✓ logos, family crests, names , and custom artwork
✓ drawn on a computer, then programmed
into a laser machine
✓ more personal graphics
✓ available on the Sebenza or Inkosi