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(tilock): A Rethink on Everyday Functionality

Chris Reeve TiLock back

“In the early to mid 1990’s, I realized that I needed a new career. I had been fully engaged in precious metal exploration and the manufacture of small scale mining equipment when the price of gold and silver took a drastic dive and stayed put. At that point, I somehow got the idea that I might learn to make knives. I checked the Yellow Pages to find that Chris Reeve Knives was only 40 miles away in Boise. I drove to Chris’s shop and introduced myself as a wannabe knife maker. I soon sensed I wasn’t the first guy to get that idea, but Chris gave me good advice and invited me back, if I ever actually got around to making a knife.


Spring Lock

Secure Pinch

Pocket Clip

Chris Reeve TiLock front and back

In Chris’s opinion, Grant and Gavin Hawk are the most innovative design team in the industry. In early 2010, the Hawks showed Chris the concept of a new locking mechanism—one that Chris felt he could engineer and Chris Reeve Knives could manufacture. It was a lack of capacity not a lack of desire that has precluded Chris Reeve Knives from producing this or other Hawk Designs and we are honored to partner with the Hawks.

My first knives were more or less terrible and I realized later just how much I had put Chris through, in relying on his detailed accounts of exactly where I had gone wrong. Gavin and I both have learned a great deal over the years about knives and the knife business from Chris and it’s a great honor to finally have the chance to work together in a fully fledged collaboration.”

-Grant Hawk



Created with the challenge to isolate the lock mechanism on the blade, as opposed to typically on the knife body, the TiLock is an illustration of passion for design innovation by Grant and Gavin Hawk. Chris, being good friends and inspiration to the Hawks, fell in love with the TiLock concept and helped get the mechanism to a full production point of manufacturing.


Blade Material

Blade Hardness

Blade Length

Blade Thickness

Handle Material

Handle Thickness

Handle Length

Overall Length



Pocket Clip

Lock Spring

Lock/Thumb Lugs


Crucible S35VN

59-60 RC

3.25" (82.55 mm)

0.1210" (3.0734 mm)

6Al4V Titanium

0.1255" (3.1877mm)

3.94" (100.08mm)

7.238" (183.845mm)

3oz (85.05g)

303 Stainless Steel

6Al4V Titanium

6Al4V Titanium

Silicon Bronze

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What's in the Box?


5/64 wrench

• 1/8 wrench x2

• Fluorinated Grease


Paperwork folder

• Microfiber cloth


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