(umnumˈzaːn): The Boss


Drop Point & Tanto $450

In every sense of the definition, the Umnumzaan is a knife deserving respect. Developed from the 20+ year heritage of the Sebenza, this bold, innovative folding knife is one to be reckoned with for its inventive design features and ability to get the job done. Who said fixed blade strength can't fit in your pocket?


Available in left handed versions at no additional cost.




Large size pivot

Typical of CRK, the pivot strength is more robust than other folders. The large pivot screw and pin are supported by large thrust washers. These perforated phosphor bronze washers are designed reduce friction and to retain the fluorinated grease for longer lubrication thereby extending the life of the knife.

Strong, Smooth, Simple

Ceramic Ball

The Integral Lock's Newest Interface

A ceramic ball creates the interface between the blade locking surface and the integral locking arm surface. The ball doubles to drop into a detent on the blade to ensure the blade does not open accidentally.

The thumb lug doubles as the stop pin, ensuring a solid lockup. Around the lug is a polyurethane o-ring that acts as a shock absorber to cushion the impact of the lug against the handle. Never wishing to copy other designs without giving credit, Grant and Gavin Hawk originated the shock absorber concept in one of their many innovative designs. We appreciate their consent for Chris to use this adaptation of their concept.


We had the working hand in mind with the Umnumzaan's tough build.


The Umnumzaan was the first introduction of the Ceramic Ball-End Integral Lock mechanism. Sturdy and over-built, the Umnumzaan brings the strength of a fixed blade straight to your pocket. With a sandblasted crosshatched grip and a wide lock bar, the Umnumzaan is meant for a non-slip grip and action for a large or gloved hand.



Blade Material

Blade Hardness

Blade Length

Blade Thickness

Handle Material

Handle Thickness

Handle Length

Overall Length



Pocket Clip

Crucible S35VN

59-60 RC

3.675" (93.35 mm)

0.1400" (3.556 mm)

6Al4V Titanium

0.1505" (3.8227mm)

4.77" (121.16mm)

8.409" (213.589mm)

5oz (141.75g)

303 Stainless Steel

6Al4V Titanium

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What's in the Box?

• Knife

• 5/64 wrench

• 1/8 wrench x2

• Fluorinated Grease

• Loctite

• Paperwork folder

• Microfiber cloth

• Sticker

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