Maintenance Services

Return your knife to optimum performance and aesthetic.

Maintain at home

Many problems can be solved from a quick clean and lube, since just like your car, your knife needs regular maintenance to keep performing optimally. Taking your knife apart from time to time will help retain the functionality, performance, and safety of your knife.


*Outside of regular maintenance such as cleaning, sharpening, or factory spec part-replacement, we discourage any form of modification.



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Let us put in the work

We will happily service your knife, as long as it has not been modified outside of our shop.  The turn-around time is about 4-8 weeks, depending on the type of service.


We provide the following services:


  • Cleaning, tuning, sharpening
  • Part replacement, installation, & repair
  • Refurbishing & refinishing
  • Warranty diagnostics


How to send your knife in

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While your knife is in our shop, we will provide a "Spa Treatment". This includes a clean, tune, sharpen, and re-sandblasting of the handles and pocket clip (if plain titanium or Micarta) all at no cost to you as part of our maintenance services (so long as your knife has not been modified).


If you do not wish to have some or all of these services provided, please specify so on the service form. Please also specify any additional services you would like provided or issues you would like addressed with your knife. The pricing for specific part replacements as well as additional services are available to you below.

  • Part replacement, installation, & repair... +

    If you need replacement hardware, you can purchase select parts and replace them yourself through our webstore. Don't see what you need?  You may have to part with your knife for a few weeks, as some of our parts are hand fit per knife. Examples of hand fit parts are washers, blades, and handles.


    Additionally, if you'd rather us do the dirty work, just send us your knife and a service form.  You'll pay for the part and the cost of shipping - the labor is on us.



    • Screws (Male), $3.00/ea
      Please specify if screws are intended for the body or clip.

    • Pins (Female), $3.00/ea

    • S35VN Blade, $150
      for all folding knives

    • Damascus Blade, $300.00
      Raindrop, Ladder, or Basket Weave for Sebenza 21, Classic or Mnandi

    • Butt-caps, $15
      Available in round caps only

    • Back-spacers, $5.00

    • Perforated Washers, $1.50
      Washers are fit in-house to match your specific knife, therefore, we cannot send just the washers to you.

    • Single Thumb Lug, $12.50


    • Double Thumb Lugs, $25
      N/A on BG42 or Regular Blades
  • Refurbishing and refinishing... +

    We'll happily return your knife to optimal condition, you just pay for the service and the cost of shipping.  We will never return a knife to you out of spec - with that said, if a knife has been modified outside of our shop, we reserve the right to refuse service.

    • Sharpening, free of charge as long as your knife has not been modified outside of our shop
      If you'd like non-CRK knives sharpened, please visit In-town Sharpening Services for prices.

    • Folding Knife Spa Treatment, free of charge
      Cleaning, tuning, and sharpening at no charge other than return shipping, as long as your knife has not been modified outside of our shop.  Knives with wood, carbon fiber, and mammoth inlays are hand polished before the inlays are installed and the inlays cannot be removed, therefore, the handles cannot be re-polished. We absolutely will, however, clean and inspect these handles before they are assembled back to your knife.

    • Blade Repolish or Retumble, $30
      Available only for S30V or S35VN blades

    • Handle Resandblast, free of charge
      Note: TiLock handles, cannot be tumbled (stonewashed) again because of its particular lock mechanism. The tumbling will round the corners and compromise the mechanism to no longer function safely and correctly.

    • Fixed Blade Clean and Sharpen, free of charge, as long as your knife has not been modified outside of our shop.

    • Military or One Piece Re-Condition, $30.00*
      Sandblast, Re-coat with KG Gun-KoteTM, Sharpen. *Some handles may need to be replaced completely. In this case, we will contact you as additional charges may be applied.

    • Nyala Re-Condition, $30.00
      Re-tumble to create stonewashed finish. Re-sandblast micarta handles. Sharpen.


    • Sikayo Re-Condition, $30.00
      Re-tumble to create stonewashed finish. Re-polish ultem handles. Sharpen.


  • Warranty Diagnostics... +

    Please contact us if you find a seemingly incorrect detail due to faulty craftsmanship or materials, or if your knife develops a problem after you have had it awhile. To see what's covered under warranty, click here.

How to send your knife in for servicing (and what will happen when it arrives)


  1. Fill out the online portion of the Service Form.

  2. Print a copy of your service form to send in with your knife.

  3. Send your package to:

    Chris Reeve Knives
    2949 S Victory View Way
    Boise, ID 83709

    You can ship your knife to us in its original box or by itself with the proper cushioning and protection for the bumpy ride ahead. We do not require that you ship with one carrier service over another, we only ask that you
    ship fully insured should the worst happen during transit.



When your knife ARrives...


We'll send you a courtesy email to let you know that it got here safely.  Outside of that, we will not contact you until your knife is ready.  The average turnaround is about 4-8 weeks, depending on the service.


There will also be a return shipping fee of about $17.50 if shipped within the continental US for one knife. We will collect payment when your knife is complete and ready to ship back.  If you are an international customer, click here for an estimate or contact us for a more accurate return shipping quote.

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