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Green Beret: Tough, Efficient, Exceptional

Green Beret

5.5" $310 / 7" $320

This knife is known to the U.S. Army Special Forces as "The Yarborough" and to everyone else as "The Green Beret Knife". It is a no-nonsense, hardworking tool. Made in Boise, Idaho the Green Beret Knife is a utility knife that, just like the men for whom it was designed, is efficient, tough and uncompromising.



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Efficient • Tough • Exceptional

Designed and engineered by

William W. Harsey and Chris Reeve

Combat Master by SpecOps

Leather Gfeller sheath also available


Without the name "Yarborough" and non-serialized, the otherwise identical knife - The Green Beret Knife - is available from Chris Reeve Knives. The Green Beret Knife is offered with either a 7” or 5.5” blade; the rest of the knife is identical.


The handle is made of extremely durable, textured and sandblasted, black canvas Micarta. When the handle is wet, the canvas fibers bloom which increases grip. If the handle becomes dirty, it can be cleaned with a brush and a household cleaner like Soft Scrub, and a touch of WD-40 to bring back the original color.


Blade Material

Blade Hardness

Blade Finish

Blade Thickness

Handle Material

Overall Length



Crucible S35VN

55-57 RC

KG Gun-Kote™

0.220" (5.588mm)

Black Canvas Micarta

10.875" (276mm)

11.8oz (335g)


Crucible S35VN

55-57 RC

KG Gun-Kote™

0.220" (5.588mm)

Black Canvas Micarta

12.375" (315mm)

12.8oz (363g)

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What's in the Box?


Paperwork folder

• Sheath


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