There is an ever increasing number of knives in the market that are counterfeit copies of Chris Reeve Knives. At one point, the knives were of poor quality and very identifiable. On various websites, these were being sold for under $50.00—an obvious clue to the fact of counterfeit. Examples of such poor copies are shown here.



However, we are becoming more aware of improved copies that are being priced much closer to our retail prices. We have seen, first hand, a copy of the Ti-Lock that, in a photograph, looks just like ours. It is only once in hand that the difference in things like the screw heads, the feel of the mechanism, the packaging can be seen.


In the latter part of 2012, we arranged for an eBay bid on a knife described as a “Chris Reeve Chef’s Knife”. Pictured was what looked like a Large Sebenza 21 with Wood Inlay.



To someone who didn’t know, this might look like a legitimate knife; the seller could have posted the wrong knife with the Chef Knife description. The winning bid price was $299.00 and the knife—seen here— was delivered three weeks later at a cost of $328.49 which included $8.00 for shipping and $21.49 State Sales Tax. By way of interest, the inlay section of wood on the back of the knife fell out just a few days after we received the knife.


We received these two “Small Sebenzas” from customers for warranty work. The knives were counterfeits but the unsuspecting customers thought our quality had declined.



Look out for the way the knife is described and where the knife is shipping from. Purchase from authorized Chris Reeve Knives dealers. If you are in doubt, check with us – as far as possible we will authenticate for you.


The American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI) is taking an active role in the fight against counterfeiting. Please visit this article from AKTI.